Measure Windows With Confidence

Successful window treatments start with the right installation method. Use these notes to measure your windows for the look you want.


Inside mount:

  • Clean look; lets architecture show
  • Install inside the window casing.
  • Use for shades, blinds or sill-length curtains.
  • Measure width and length inside the window frame, to the top of the sill.



Outside mount:

  • Soft; romantic; covers wimpy architecture
  • Install outside of window casing at desired height and width.
  • Use for shirred, tab-top, pleated or grommet curtains.
  • Measure height from where rod will be installed to where the covering will end (add four inches beyond molding to avoid gaps in coverage).



Ceiling mount:

  • Elegant; dramatic; makes windows look larger and ceiling higher
  • Install rod on wall just below ceiling.
  • Use for curtain and drapery window treatments.
  • Measure height from where rod will be installed to floor. For more drama, add six inches to the length for the fabric to puddle.



Flush mount:

  • Tidy, polished appearance
  • Install inside of window casing and flush with window frame.
  • Use for blinds and shades.
  • Measure like an inside mount, but add the depth of the inside of your window casing to ensure that it’s deep enough for mounting brackets and head rail.