Bring The Spa Home

Our bathrooms are our own private spas. Turn yours into a relaxing everyday getaway with these simple touches.


Cut out the visual noise. Tuck away the tangle of electrical cords or excess clutter into easy-access baskets. Dispense with glaring product labels by transferring them into pretty containers that you’ll like looking at and handling.

Soften the setting. Pamper yourself with towels that are soft and cozy. And be sure to step from your shower or bath onto an extra-plush bath mat. These are life’s little luxuries—and your investment will pay you back with longer-lasting products.

Enclose yourself with a pretty shower curtain. The pleasure of a spa is its ability to take you away from daily stresses. Want to feel transported? Create a beautiful, intimate barrier between yourself and the outside world.

Create a softer mood. Is overhead lighting too harsh? Install a dimmer switch, or switch the bulbs off completely and light scented candles for romance and a little aromatherapy. If street (or household!) noise is an issue, be ready to turn on some relaxing music.

Choose a calming color palette. Though white-on-white often comes to mind when you think of a spa, some people may find it a bit cold and sterile. Shift to a soft, nature-based palette of pale blues or greens or quiet neutrals such as gray or ivory. Bonus: These shades are also easier to keep clean.