Bathroom Color Schemes

Color is key to creating the atmosphere you want in the bathroom. Here are some tips to picking a palette that’s right for your room.


Draw color inspiration from an adjoining bedroom or the rest of your house. Pick up an accent color from your bedroom, for instance, and make it a primary color in your bath. The bathroom will have its own interesting identity, but the color flow will make your home feel more pulled-together.

Strike the right mood. If you want your bathroom to energize you, give it bright shots of color. For a calming scheme, shift to neutrals or hints of pale colors. For a bathroom that looks good around you, choose cosmetic colors in shades of pink or coral.

Trust deeper hues to create drama. Forget the old rules about using only light colors in tight spaces. Rich, dark hues conjure up intimacy and a sense of security—perfect for a small bathroom.

Prevent the space from becoming too sterile. Warm a bathroom with texture and pattern to counter all the slick surfaces. Layer on texture with plush towels. Or add a pop of pattern to a shower curtain, for instance, or with veined marble countertops or an interesting tile application.

Think about what kind of light your bathroom receives. If it faces north or has few windows, warm your space with colors in the yellow or red family. Need to cool off a space bathed in light? Add watery shades of blue and green.